We Install and Fix Heating Systems in West Hartford

Your home or business in West Hartford depends on a reliable heating system at least eight months out of the year and Chiarillo's is here to help keep it going.


Installing Furnaces and Fixing Furnaces in West Hartford


We know many people call their heating system a furnace. This is correct when forced warm air is blown through the system. This kind of furnace depends upon gas or oil for fuel plus electricity for the motor. We are the experts in installing furnaces, repairing furnaces and replacing oil tanks. We will replace worn out ducts anywhere in the home. We can make a switch from oil to gas and vice versa. If you have special requests such as adding a humidifier to your heating system, ask us for an estimate. We're even the company to call when you have a West Hartford home for sale and need a furnace inspection.


Installing Boilers and Fixing Boilers in West Hartford


Another type of heating system uses a steam or hot water boiler. If you live or work in a building where there is a radiator, a boiler is providing the heat. The heat also can be sent through hot water baseboard, radiant floors or a hydro air system. Boilers also use oil or gas for fuel. We have installed and repaired many hydronic boiler systems which provide both heat and hot water to homes. 


Installing Radiant Heat and Fixing Radiant Heat in West Hartford


Under-floor radiant heating has been available as an option in West Hartford for a while. A warm element such as a floor, wall or overhead panel emits heat energy and warms people and other objects in rooms rather than heating the air first. It's a heating system that must be installed correctly and our team has the training and experience. We know that it works the best when the home is designed from the start to have radiant heat.


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