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The average temperature in New England between December and March is 25 degrees – that’s cold! However, heating your home is about more than staying warm. We design and install, as well as offer an array of maintenance services; including repair, preventative maintenance.  All New Englanders need to be conscious of the following factors when looking at home or business heating solutions:


  • The Quality of the Product That You Buy Will Impact Performance
  • Efficiency of the Solution Will Directly Impact Your Monthly Heating Costs
  • Proper Service Saves Money by Optimizing the Life of Your Heating Solution
  • Life Expectancy of Heating Products Will Define Timing of Your Next Investment


We will help to educate you on all of these factors and more.  We offer a number of different heating solutions that will help you make those winter months more comfortable…and less expensive! They span oil, gas, heat pumps, electric, hybrid and high efficiency. Our goal is to keep you warm and to do it with the most cost-effective heating solution for your home. Our expert consultants can help you to choose the best solution for your specific needs.



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